Hi, I'm Aiden.

I'm a software engineer currently based in Kent, England. I work part time at EpicsGG and spend my spare time working on various projects surrounding Twitch.

The background video is actually a clip taken from my Twitch stream, which you can tune into here.

Work Experience and Projects

I build high-performance, reliable applications that scale well, exceed the expectations of my clients and ultimately solve problems.

I started developing applications as a hobby at the age of 12, at which point I was very much drawn to the aspect of web development, particularly in backend work. Over the next 2 years, I read books and studied how systems actually work at production scale and by the end of 2014 began taking on contracted work at 13, using my accquired skills of MySQL and PHP to tackle basic projects.

These days, my go-to languages are typically Golang and JavaScript, with depending on the style of the project, either MongoDB or PostgreSQL with Redis as a primary caching mechanism. While I know many other stacks, this toolset has just became a personal favourite over the past few years. More information about exactly what I specialize in is available in my CV, which can be requested at the email below. In terms of present day outside of the world of code, I am currently studying A Level Economics, Media Studies & Computer Science at a grammar school.

While my heart is in backend work, I get an immense ammount of satisfaction from building websites that load fast and feel snappy on the frontend, while esthetics aren't really at their best with this page. I worked hard to keep load-time as minimal as I possibly can.

While I am not actively looking for work right now, I'm always interested in hearing about new opportunities and what's about there, so feel free to email me below (I don't like contact forms, they feel too formal) and have a chat, or contact me through one of my social medias, also listed in the footer!